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Sunday, January 8, 2017

31 Word substitutions for the word, "Very"

The word, “very” does not belong in the vocabulary of a writer. There are other creative words that can be used in the place of this “lazy” word.

The word, “very” is an overused adjective. The word is used to emphasize the word it is describing. Often times, adjectives, such as the word, “very”, can be left out of the sentence. If you are trying to say that someone is “very hungry”, take out the word “very” and your point will still come across to the reader. Or, substitute it the word “very” and the word it is describing with another creative word (See, I could have said “more” creative word right there, but I left out the word “more” and my point still came across properly).

Let’s take a look at some substitutions:

1.Very angry / fuming

2. Very big / gigantic or huge

3. Very clean / spotless, immaculate or spick and span

4. Very cold / freezing or Very cold / icy or hard hearted

5. Very fast / immediate

6. Very fat / large

7. Very good / suitable

8. Very happy / joyful, delighted or ecstatic

9. Very hateful / repulsive

10. Very hot / broiling

11. Very hungry / famished

12. Very loving / affectionate

13. Very mean / nasty or cruel

14. Very nice / lovely

15. Very old / ancient or antiquated

16. Very pretty / beautiful or attractive

17. Very poor / underprivileged

18. Very quiet / silent or peaceful

19. Very rude / offensive

20. Very sad / miserable

21. Very silly / ridiculous

22. Very skinny / lean or malnourished

23. Very small / miniature

24. Very smart / clever

25. Very soft / spineless

26. Very sore/ excruciating, tender or painful

27. Very strong / muscular

28. Very stupid / senseless

29. Very tasty / scrumptious

30. Very tired / exhausted

31. Very ugly / horrid

Monday, January 2, 2017

Ready to start writing that book?

Are you dreaming about writing a book or maybe two? Let me help you make that dream a reality! I have written several articles about writing that I would like to share with you.

As you read these articles, keep in mind that I would not suggest you do something that I do not do myself. These are tips and tricks I have learned along the way. Let's take a look:

Create a special place to write your best seller!

What is a goal and how do I set one?

Set reasonable writing goals specifically for you...

6 easy steps to get you started. Write that book!!!!

Should you follow your heart when writing your book (or ignore it completely)?

These 5 articles will hopefully inspire you and get you going in the right the direction of writing your book!

Be patient, I'm sure I will have more articles coming soon! Happy writing!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017: Make your dreams a reality: Goals vs Resolutions

2017 Is a great year to move forward with what you love! Leave the old, stinky past behind and move forward into a bright, shiny new year.

At the beginning of each new year, I enjoy writing about the difference between resolutions and goals. Check out the difference. It may not look like a big deal, but read on…

Resolution: A promise we make to ourselves and declare to others that we are going to make a positive change for the new year.

Goals: A plan we make to move forward towards a better life.

Do you see the difference? A resolution is a promise, but a goal is a plan. A promise versus a plan. Let’s set goals for ourselves this year. Make a plan, write a list of steps to get you to where you want to be: financially, physically, emotionally, relationally. Set reasonable goals. Take baby steps towards your new future, your new life.

Focus on your dreams, write them down and then write a list of doable steps so that you can bring them to life. Let’s not allow our dreams to remain dreams. Let’s make them our reality for 2017!

Think on your goals. Meditate on them, see yourself living the life that you desire. Talk about your dreams and goals with people who will build you up and encourage you. Make your plan and work towards it each day, little by little, taking baby steps.

You can do this! 2017 is your year, it’s your book to write…so write a best seller!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Finally, a personal post!

Last week, I posted a picture of my new writing our new house, from my Instagram account (as you can see in the picture). I have been posting so many interviews, book reviews and other posts having to do with the release of, "When Life Gives You Lemons, Drink Coffee!", that I haven't shared very much about me. Well, that is ALL this post is going to include...what is happening with ME!

Things are going well. We did move into a beautiful new home. I absolutely love it! We all do...even the dog. He is a 90 pound lab and having a considerably large amount of space to roam, stretch out and sleep has made him a happier pup.

I am working at a local gym as the manager as well as a personal trainer. I absolutely love where I work and who I am working for. In addition to my job responsibilities, my boss encourages me to work on my writing. How many people can say that? "Oh, yes, my boss encourages me to work on my personal business while I am at work", probably not very many.

Take a look at the writing within the frame in the picture above.  Here, let me tell you what it says, "The writer is only free when he can tell the reader to go jump in the lake. You want of course to get what you have to say across to him, but whether he likes it or not is no concern of the writer. ~Flannery O'Connor

This is absolutely my favorite writing quote of all time. This lady knew something about being an author. She also knew something about living life. I have come to learn and accept that not everyone is going to like me. Not everyone is going to understand me. And you know what? That is OK. I am me. I like who I am and ultimately that is all that matters. It has taken me years to realize this and come to the point of, "not caring what other people think". People will continue to judge us and talk about us (good and bad). It's life. How we deal with it (or don't deal with it) is what will give us or take away our peace in life. Not sure why I shared all that, but I hope it helps someone!!!

Happy Thursday all!
Be who YOU want to be! Don't live a life that is pleasing to those around you and lose yourself in the process. Take it from me...been there, done that, not doing it again.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Deanna Martinez-Bey: Featered in AMB Magazine!

Guess who has an Book Spotlight featured in AMB Magazine? Me! Does this make me a celebrity? Let's not get too far ahead of the game.

Book Spotlight: When Life Gives You Lemons, Drink Coffee! by Deanna Martinez-Bey

I would like to send out a mega sized THANK YOU to my publisher, Natasha with Emerging Edge! Thank you for believing in  me and actively spreading the word about the new book!

Official Book Trailer

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Author Interview #2 Deanna Martinez-Bey: The Book Adventures of Emily

 This interview by: The Book Adventures of Emily asked a few questions that I had to really think about before answering! She asked me what inspired me to write this book and which character I could relate to the most.

My favorite questions was: What does my writing environment look like? I make sure I create a special place to write because I want to look forward to that time.

Thank you, Emily for taking your time to create space for me on your blog!

Official book trailer...

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Author Spotlight (Deanna Martinez-Bey) By Indy Book Fairy

Thank you Indy Book Fairy for giving me a special Author Spotlight on your blog!

Indy Book Fairy was kind enough to spotlight me on her blog. This is my first "official" blog tour spotlight. I am truly thankful for the time she took to put together the post. The more we can help readers become aware of my work, the more chances it will have to touch lives!

When Life Gives You Lemons, Drink Coffee! By Indie Book Fairy

Official Book Trailer