Friday, January 17, 2014

Preparing your writing environment

Something I do each night before I head to bed is clean my kitchen! My mom always used to say, "If the kitchen is clean, the whole house looks clean". Depending on the layout of your house, this can ring true. I have an open concept in my house, meaning the kitchen is open to the dining room and the living room. So, if my kitchen is clean, it really does make the rest of my downstairs look clean too!

Why have I gone on this clean kitchen tangent you may is also true when it comes to our writing environment. I recently wrote an article about Dedicating a special place to write your book.  If we have a special routine we create when it comes to writing it will help us look forward to it and feel comfortable and at ease when we do it.

Click on the article link to read my tips about creating a relaxing writing environment for yourself. Just as waking up to a clean house can make you feel good, creating a special place to write can make you feel good too!

A few things to try:

  • Create a clean work space
  • Make it comfortable by using a comfortable chair
  • Decorate with pictures and items that bring you joy
  • Keep it clutter free
  • Make a space separate from other spaces in your home
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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Getting organized in 2014

Those who know me know that I am the QUEEN of organization! 2014 is no different for me. I started this amazing new year with a bang! As in, BANG, let's get everything backed up...just in case.

I backed up all of my photos and documents from 2013, not in one place, but two. I also organized all of my files.

I completed the online Punctuation class I started AND got an authors page set up for myself on Facebook. Please take a look and "like" it if you will. Author: Deanna Martinez-Bey

I also updated my LinkedIn profileTwitter profile and started a new website: Deanna Martinez-Bey (which is just in its beginning stages...but started and published nonetheless).

There are several other projects I have been working on and will share once I have completed them.

I guess you can say I have been productive and I do enjoy being that way. Now, to finish my book.......

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: Make it a productive year!

Well, well, well, 2014 is here! I have to say, usually I can care less about New Years. But, this year is different. I just feel that it is going to be a fantastic year. I know, I know, everyone always says that about the new year. I really feel that way about 2014 though.

I feel it is going to be great in every way: productivity, relational, financially, goal setting...a great year to move forward with a new start...leaving the old behind.

OUT with you old! In with the joyous NEW! :)

Speaking of productivity, I completed another online writing course yesterday! I never want to stop learning. I remember a kid, I couldn't wait to be finished with my schooling. I swore I would finish school and never step foot into a classroom again! Now look at me, I choose to take classes...choose to continue to learn new things.

My advice to you: Set goals for yourself. Reasonable goals. Not resolutions, but goals. My goals are not going to be the same as yours and that is OK. Your goals are not going to be the same as your best friends goals or your spouses goals. We are all unique. We all have special gifts. Take a few minutes alone and truly focus on your dreams and write down your goals to make them come true. Do not allow your dreams to stay dreams this year. Make them a reality...take baby steps to bring them to pass. Rome wasn't built in a day!

Think about your goals. Pray about them. Meditate on them. Talk about them. But, be sure to write them down. Then, make a plan to work on them every day or every week.

This is your year! :)

Set reasonable writing goals