Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Who loves new books?


I love new books! 

Just last week, I went book shopping and came home with four new ones to add to my ever-growing, to- read pile. 


I have a new release scheduled for March 25th! The name is 3 Cabins... check out what it will be about...

3 Cabins

Have you noticed that one "over-the-top" mom at school who you know is a stay-at-home mom but always wears makeup, jewelry, and high heels to drop her children off in carpool?
You know, the one who looks like she would rather be at happy hour but attends every PTA meeting, event, and volunteer activity?

That mom is me, Leaha Singleton. Welcome to my not-so-glamorous life.

I have lived this glamorous lie for quite some time now. That is, until a couple of weeks ago. Saying that my past has finally caught up with me is the truth, but an understatement.

My life has begun to change! And it all started when I ran upon two secret cabins.
The Leaha Singleton roller coaster is on fire, so have a seat and strap yourself in tight. 


Coming soon to Amazon!

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