Monday, December 30, 2019

Can earbuds save lives?

Have you ever thought about my proposed title question? Believe it or not, I have! We have all heard about how people have escaped danger by the skin of their teeth because of these little gadgets... walking down the street with them in and nearly getting side swiped by a moving vehicle or someone driving a car couldn't hear sirens or car horns because of them.

Let's take this to a different level...

Does music calm your nerves? Have you ever put your earbuds in to get yourself through a project? Whether it be to help you concentrate or simply not be disturbed by outside distractions? How about at the gym? Do you plug up in order to get through a workout routine? I can answer yes to all of the above.

Now, let's take it to an even greater level...

Do you work or live with someone who gets on your last known nerve? How about a coworker who won't stop talking or a roommate that feels they have to talk to you every waking second of every single day? Yeah, it doesn't get more annoying than that. Or maybe it does?

Do you have a loud obnoxious spouse or children who thoroughly enjoy using their outdoor voices in the house?

Invest in a good, sound reducing pair of earbuds. They just may spare the lives of those around you!

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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Resolutions Vs. Goals: Let's make 2020 our year!

It's time for my annual "Resolutions vs. Goals" post. Because I appreciate when encouragement is offered to me, I enjoy offering encouragement to others..which is why I choose to share this post every year. 


Let's make 2020 the year we move forward with creating the life we truly desire.  Let's leave the past were it the past, and create for ourselves a joyful, prosperous, healthy new year!

Resolution: A promise we make to ourselves and declare to others that we are going to make a positive change for the new year.

Goals: A plan we put into place to move forward towards a better life.

Do you see the difference? A resolution is a promise, but a goal is a plan. Let’s set goals for ourselves this year. Make a plan, write a list of steps to get you to where you want to be: financially, physically, emotionally, relationally. Set reasonable goals. Take baby steps towards your new future, your new life.

Let’s turn our dreams into reality for 2020! 
Meditate on your goals and the changes you want to make, see yourself living the life that you desire. Talk about your dreams and goals with people who will build you up and encourage you. Make your plan and work towards it each day, little by little, taking baby steps. Don't give up!

They say, "Rome wasn't built in a day". How true that is! Let's make the changes within ourselves to become the people we want to be this year. It can be done and WE are the only ones who can make it happen; join a gym, write a book, start a business, change the things we don't like about ourselves/our lives. Let's make this our year! 

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Lilac Sand by Tara Cignarella: Book review

Here is Tara's synopsis of her book, Lilac Sand:

1995 is bound to be a very exciting year for Morgan Evans. One night at a crowded party she heads outside for solitude, but she will not be alone for long. Frederick Rhoades, lead singer of a world famous New Jersey band sits beside her. A chance meeting brought on by her need to get away from people leads to her finding the one person she always wants to be with.
Morgan meets Frederick under an overgrown lilac tree. The purple lilac symbolizes the first emotions of love. Will the fate of such a random meeting turn into everlasting love, or will they become star-crossed lovers? New adventures and heartbreaking situations await Morgan as fantasy becomes reality, but will it be the reality she craves? The difficult decisions she makes trying to stay true to herself will test her in ways she never knew she could be tested.

Let me begin by saying that I, myself, am a Jersey girl...Born and raised. Lilac Sand takes place in Jersey and that in itself made me want to read this book!

Lilac Sand is a love story. For me, it was a different kind of love story than I am used to reading. But, even with its dark undertones, I was completely sucked in! I do not want to say too much and give away any secrets that this book holds, but I will say.... Buy it, buy it, buy it!

The way that Tara writes speaks to me. Her writing makes me feel as if I am going through the emotional roller coaster with Morgan. I feel her joy, her desires, her sadness and her conflict right along with her. Bravo, Tara on a well written and constructed novel!

I am not one to throw out random book reviews for the hell of it. I was not paid to read this book or write this review. I have chosen to do it on my own free will because I truly enjoyed this novel.

To purchase your copy of Lilac Sand, Click here.

I believe in uplifting others. I believe in being an encouragement. I believe in Tara and want to see her do well!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Self publishing books...yey or nah?

I have been reading an excellent book about how to make money blogging. I plan on writing a post about it in the near future.

In addition to blogging, the author suggests writing books about what you know and self-publishing said books on Amazon.

I have 3 novels published through a traditional publisher. But, I have been doing everything this book suggests and it seems to be working. With that said, I am in the process of self-publishing non-fiction / self-help books.

My hope is to have my first one ready to publish within the next week. I have just finished creating the cover and have already edited the book as it needed some love because I originally wrote it years ago.

I will give you a hint as to what it is about...Organizing and Recipes! That is all I will say at this time. haha

You will see a new post about this book very soon...including the cover, which I am in LOVE with!

If you would like to check out my novels, here is a link to my Amazon Author Page: Deanna Martinez

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

New approach to writing a plot and creating a protagonist

See my toesies? 
Novel #4

I have decided to take a slightly new approach when creating my plot and main character for this book.

What is different is how I am specifically creating my plot prior to my character development. In the past I would create my characters first and then put together the story line. For novel #4, I have created my story line before the characters! It is a different approach for sure, but it seems to be working smoothly.

In addition to this change, I have decided to create my main character to be the complete opposite of me. I would often take a little part of me to create my main character. I would then elaborate to make her fictional. This time around, I am trying something different...which also seems to be working!

I am having fun writing, isn't that what it is all about?

Here's hoping for a successful and fun filled 2019!

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Friday, April 5, 2019

Interview with Chef Duff Goldman

Photo credit: Blake Little
August 15, 2009… I was taking a mid-day nap when my cell phone rang. I did not recognize the number but answered anyway. On the other end of the line was Willie Goldman, Duff Goldman’s brother. At the time, Willie was his public relations manager.
I sent an email to Chef Duff asking if he would be willing to answer a few interview questions for me, as I was a food writer at the time. I was expecting an email interview, but to my shock, they gave me a phone interview with Chef Duff.
After speaking to Willie, I was instructed to call Chef Duff on his cell phone in about ten minutes…I did as I was told.
I was nervous and excited at the same time. I was going to get to speak with Duff Goldman…business owner and Food Network star!

When Chef Duff, AKA, “The Bread Guy”, went to culinary school, he was the only male in an all-female class. He had a lot of informal art training prior to starting school.
In 1998, he started working at, “The French Laundry”, but left because he was lonely. He ended up in Colorado that summer, where his friends encouraged him to stay. Chef Duff took a job at, “The Vail Cascade Hotel and Resort” as a pastry chef. There he learned how to carve ice, create chocolate sculptures, and clean fish (particularly salmon). While working there he also learned that he enjoys curing foods and making sauces.
As time went on, Chef Duff began making and decorating the wedding cakes for the guests of the resort. He made ten generic cakes and suggested they sit and have consultations with the guests in order to personalize their cake. After having a consultation, Chef Duff would draw the cakes for the guests. He took these ideas and is currently applying now at, “Charm City Cakes”.
As he continued to work at the resort, Chef Duff learned new cake decorating techniques that he implemented on the cakes. A friend of his, Mary Alice reached out and asked him to make a wedding cake for her brothers wedding. He agreed and made a six-tier cake that included 2000 to 3000 marzipan butterflies and ladybugs.
Fast forward to 3-3-2002. Chef Duff opened “Charm City Cakes” and the rest is history.
Chef Duff is kind, understanding, helpful and down to earth. The man you see on television, is the man he is in real life. He is humble, happy and funny.

Thank you, Chef Duff, for your time and advice. I am honored to have spoke with you and to have the opportunity to write this article, not once, but twice about you!

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Interview with Chef Duff

Photo taken from Food Network (click pic for link)

I remember it clearly...back in 2009, I spoke with Duff Goldman over the phone for nearly an hour. He was the kindest, most down to earth celebrity!

I wrote an article about him and published it to, where I was writing at the time. The site closed down and gave us very short notice to get our articles saved before they were gone for good.

One of the articles I failed to save was the one I wrote about Chef Duff. How sad, right? So, 2 nights ago, I decided to reach out to him again and ask if I can rewrite the article.

I am happy to announce, I have been given permission to do so! I will be publishing it very soon. Squeeee.... (probably not even a word, but it is my happy emotion)

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

My trip to Colorado...lots of writing!

I heard that March was a great month to visit Colorado because they tend to get a lot of snow...This proved true for me.

For four days, I took in the most breathtaking views I have ever laid my eyes upon. Everywhere I looked I saw something beautiful. From snow covered mountains to the bright sunlight bursting through the clouds.

I could easily live in such an amazing state. The clean, crisp, cold air proved good for my health and I felt fantastic while I was there. No daily migraines, no fibromyalgia  pain. Colorado was good to me.

I had two full days to write novel number 4! I was just shy of my 10,000 word goal. But, I am happy with the progress I made. I sat by a warm fireplace with a view of the snow capped mountains. Talk about inspiration!

I have included a couple pictures from my trip. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Started novel #4

The writing of novel #4 has begun! First, I put together my plot, then my character development, next a bit of research and then my rough outline. 

The camera you see pictured above will be placed on the chapter page for each chapter in the book. The photo may change if needed, but as of now, this is the one.

I hate giving away book details, because they will often change along the way. But I can tell you this, my main character is NOTHING like me! I am excited to write about a character that I do not know. I have to create her from beginning to end. 

I wrote an article entitled: Writing a novel: How to come up with story ideas and plot twists If you are writing your first novel, you may find this helpful. I keep my articles brief and to the point. There is nothing worse than when I click on a post to see a recipe and there is paragraph after paragraph of useless info before the recipe is posted. Well, except people who hold up traffic to back into a parking spot...but, I digress. 
My point is, my blog posts and articles cut to the chase. 

Thank you for visiting my blog!