Saturday, March 16, 2019

Interview with Chef Duff

Photo taken from Food Network (click pic for link)

I remember it clearly...back in 2009, I spoke with Duff Goldman over the phone for nearly an hour. He was the kindest, most down to earth celebrity!

I wrote an article about him and published it to, where I was writing at the time. The site closed down and gave us very short notice to get our articles saved before they were gone for good.

One of the articles I failed to save was the one I wrote about Chef Duff. How sad, right? So, 2 nights ago, I decided to reach out to him again and ask if I can rewrite the article.

I am happy to announce, I have been given permission to do so! I will be publishing it very soon. Squeeee.... (probably not even a word, but it is my happy emotion)

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