Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Started novel #4

The writing of novel #4 has begun! First, I put together my plot, then my character development, next a bit of research and then my rough outline. 

The camera you see pictured above will be placed on the chapter page for each chapter in the book. The photo may change if needed, but as of now, this is the one.

I hate giving away book details, because they will often change along the way. But I can tell you this, my main character is NOTHING like me! I am excited to write about a character that I do not know. I have to create her from beginning to end. 

I wrote an article entitled: Writing a novel: How to come up with story ideas and plot twists If you are writing your first novel, you may find this helpful. I keep my articles brief and to the point. There is nothing worse than when I click on a post to see a recipe and there is paragraph after paragraph of useless info before the recipe is posted. Well, except people who hold up traffic to back into a parking spot...but, I digress. 
My point is, my blog posts and articles cut to the chase. 

Thank you for visiting my blog!