Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Easy book writing tips

For those who are at the beginning stages of writing their are some helpful tips to help guide you through the writing process:

Beginning tips

Start writing an outline
(Writing an outline for your book will help you stay on track and organized through the writing process)

Make up a writing schedule
(Set aside time to write each day or at least every other day)

Pick a place to write
(Find a quiet place in your home as well as another location to write)

Set deadlines
(Start with daily, then weekly, monthly then a completion deadline)

Along the way tips

(Research the details)

Think about your book
(Think about your book when you are not writing and make notes)

Create notes
(Carry a notebook or note app on your phone. You do NOT want to forget a good idea)

Edit as you go
(when you get to a stopping point, go back and edit what you wrote)

Ending tips

(Go back and edit at the end)

Take a rest
(Set the completed book down for 2 weeks and then edit it again)

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Friday, February 14, 2020

How to stay accountable to writing: Don’t make excuses and share your project

Do some of these sound familiar?

Oh, if only I could find time to write. You can!
How do you find time to write books? I make time. I schedule it in.
You must have a lot of free time if you have written three books. I do not have tons of free time on my hands.
You must not be married or have children if you are an author. I am married and have two children.

How in the world can one stay on task when writing? I’ll give you a tip: Tell people what you are doing!
Tell people you trust. Share with those who will encourage you and not hold you back. Tell them that you are writing a book. Make a blog and blog about the process. Post it on Facebook. Just get the word out. By telling people what you are doing, you will be encouraged to keep going and to finish your project. You may even be able to pick up helpful tips along the way. People know people and you never know what types of doors will open for you by sharing your project.

How will telling others keep me accountable?
Eventually, after hearing about your project enough, people will begin to ask you how it is coming along. They will begin to encourage you to keep going and they will tell you how much you encourage them with your entrepreneurial spirit! The interest that others will take in your project will encourage you, keep you accountable and help you find your way to completion.

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Saturday, February 8, 2020

The tornado at Panera Bread: February 6, 2020

I have a little story to tell...

On Thursday, February 6, 2020, I had a 1:30 pm meeting at Panera in Raleigh, NC. Specifically, the one on Colonnade Drive off Six Forks Road.

I arrived early so I could work on novel number four before my meeting started. Yey, me! I took my obligatory photo of my computer and my coffee as you see below...

My meeting partner texted me that they were running late...the text said 1:44 pm. No problem, I just kept working on my book.

After their arrival we started talking and about 10 or 15 minutes into our conversation, I felt the pressure in my ears change and I immediately got light headed. I said, "Oh, man, my ears." My friend said, "You felt that too?" And as soon as the words slid from their mouth, the clouds broke loose and rain started pelting sideways and the wind started blowing so hard that the outside tables and umbrellas were blowing everywhere. Yes, we were sitting inside of the restaurant, where at this point the power went out.

My friend ran up to the front doors and peered out and then came running back, while screaming, "Everybody take cover. Get into the bathrooms!" And we all got up and ran to the bathroom area. I wound up in the men's room with many others, both male and female. We all stayed in there for a good 10 minutes...everyone was texting their family and friends. It was a scary 10 minutes for sure. My hands were shaking so badly, I could hardly text.

We all emerged unscathed, and went about our way. As I stepped outside to go to my NEW car, by the way, I saw in the parking lot, a tree that was broken in half that had gone THROUGH someones car! It was awful. (Picture featured above)

Having lived through a tornado before, (In April 2011, I had half a pine tree go through my house), these were all typical signs of a tornado and tornado damage. Plus, I felt it in my ears and in my head, just as I did in 2011.

My family was home safely. They endured extreme hail and brutal thunder and lightening. I saw several baseball sized hail as I approached my home. We, our cars, home and property were safe...thankfully!

And that's my story!

My Car :) 
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Sunday, February 2, 2020

My interview: The Average Joe podcast

If you have read past blog posts about my most recent published novel, Hot Cocoa, Green Tea and the Man Who Sweetened My Heart, or watched my YouTube videos about the book, you know that it is written about a domestic violence survivor, named Stephanie.

Well, that domestic violence survivor, is me. The story in the novel was altered as to not name names or share exact events.

Recently, I was featured on a new podcast, created by my husband, Greg Martinez. In the podcast, entitled, Battered, But Not Broken, I share a bit about my past and some challenging times that I have overcome.

I was nervous at first, but Greg is honestly good at this new endeavor and easily keeps the conversation flowing.

I would be honored if you took 26 minutes to listen. My hope is that it will help someone in a bad situation and encourage them to get out. Please share!

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