Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 Resolutions vs. Goals...make this your year!

It's New Years Eve and I can not allow this year to go by without posting my annual "Resolutions vs. Goals" post. I always find it encouraging and I hope you do to! I am all about offering encouragement as I appreciate when encouragement is offered to me. 

2018 Is your year to move forward with creating your perfect life. Leave the past behind and move forward into a happy, healthy new year.

Resolution: A promise we make to ourselves and declare to others that we are going to make a positive change for the new year.

Goals: A plan we put into place to move forward towards a better life.

Do you see the difference? A resolution is a promise, but a goal is a plan. Let’s set goals for ourselves this year. Make a plan, write a list of steps to get you to where you want to be: financially, physically, emotionally, relationally. Set reasonable goals. Take baby steps towards your new future, your new life.

Let’s turn our dreams into reality for 2018!

Meditate on your goals and the changes you want to make, see yourself living the life that you desire. Talk about your dreams and goals with people who will build you up and encourage you. Make your plan and work towards it each day, little by little, taking baby steps. 

They say, "Rome wasn't built in a day". How true that is! Let's make the changes within ourselves to become the people we want to be this year. It can be done and WE are the only ones who can make it happen; join a gym, write a book, change the things we don't like about ourselves/our lives. Let's make this our year! 
A great first read of 2018!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Blog Tour for: Hot Cocoa, Green Tea and the Man Who Sweetened My Heart

Happy December everyone! I am thrilled to announce that my new novel was released on December 1, 2017!

I am in the midst of a blog tour and would like to share it with you.

Deanna Martinez-Bey: Blog Tour For, Hot Cocoa, Green Tea and the Man Who Sweetened My Heart

The schedule is as follows:
December 1st: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading
December 3rd: Promo Post @ Lisa Queen of Random
December 5th: Author Interview @ Cassidy Crimson’s Blog
December 7th: Promo Post @ Nesie’s Place
December 8th: Promo Post @ Indy Book Fairy

Here is the book trailer that is loaded with information about the book...

Ready to purchase your copy of my book...