Tuesday, February 1, 2022

NEW book release: The Ultimate Guide To Pies

Not only is today the first day of February, it is also release day for my adorable little book, The Ultimate Guide To Pies!

The paperback is 4x6! It is also available for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

Let me tell you a little about the book:

Do you find yourself spending too much money on store-bought pies? Have you tried baking pies to have them turn out overbaked or too runny to consume? The Ultimate Guide To Pies offers you a way out of pie embarrassment and chemical-laden, overpriced pies!

Learn all the easiest tips and tricks to make made-from-scratch pies from the comforts of home. Bake up a fresh pie any time and save money too.

Deanna will share how to bake pies and prepare crusts and fillings to help you create mouth-watering deliciousness. She also includes recipes to get you started.

Pies make fantastic gifts for all occasions. They also make the perfect weekend treat. For just a few dollars, you can put all of her tips and tricks into practice, find your sweet tooth satisfied, and your bank account full.

Your friends and family will adore you even more and may start asking you to bring the pie to all future gatherings.

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