Sunday, January 25, 2015

How to know when to make changes in your book

The last couple of weeks I have had a persistent, nagging idea to make two big changes to my novel. Finally, I sat down yesterday and spent about one and a half hours making these said changes. After I made them, I felt relieved. I felt like a tremendous weight was lifted off of my mind.

I hope it will help us (myself included) listen to our minds and hearts more often. Realistically, this "listening to our mind" can apply to all areas of life! 

Ever hear a small voice almost whispering in your ear to do or not to do something? How about that gut wrenching feeling you get just seconds before you do something? We need to listen to these small voices and feelings. They can help us from making huge mistakes in our lives! 

Here is an example:
Shelly was about to get married. It was two hours before the wedding ceremony. This would be the happiest day of her life, at least she always dreamed it would be. 
Suddenly, when Sally sat down to have a bite to eat, after realizing she had gone all day without a single bite of food, she felt shaky and sick to her stomach. She began to sweat...a cold, icky, gross kind of sweat. Her palms were wet and beads of sweat were forming on her brow. 
Her father saw this transpire and noticed the sick feeling she had on her face. He asked her if she was OK. Sally responded with, "I think I have cold feet." Her father then replied. "Well, put on some slippers and warm them up!" Sally laughed it off, but she was having second thoughts about the man she was about to marry. 

About one month after the wedding, the abuse began. The man that Sally married began to physically abuse her. 
This went on for years! Finally, Sally had enough. She packed her bags and left one day when her husband was at work.

Living a much happier life now, Sally often thinks back to that day. Never mind putting on slippers to warm her feet, maybe slipping into her running shoes would have been a better choice! 

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