Sunday, March 8, 2020

To the lady who handed me her dirty tissue...

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Oh, the joys of working at a fitness center! In addition to writing books, copy editing and social media management, I also work part-time at a local gym. It's an easy job, scanning membership tags, doing laundry and some easy data entry. But, the customer service aspect of this job gets me in some way, shape, or form every day.

Take today for example...

When someone walks up to the counter, I automatically extend my hand to take from them either their key tag, car keys or locker key. It is a natural reaction for me to reach out as someone approaches the counter.

I was busy chatting with a colleague as a lady approached. I stopped talking and reached my hand over the counter and this lady proceeded to hand me her dirty tissue! I can't even make this stuff up. First of all, why? Second of all, with all the worry over the big, "virus" going around, why? Thirdly, why?

I realized what was happening just before I touched her snot rag and pulled my hand away with the quickness of Spiderman. I looked at her like she had three heads and her response was, "I didn't see a trash can."

I pointed in the direction of the trash can, which was all of three feet away. I was disgusted! What if I would have touched it?

To the lady who handed me her dirty tissue: Why?

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