Thursday, April 2, 2015

Update on the writing course

Some days are definitely easier than others when it comes to keeping up with my school work! Sometimes I sit at my computer and knock out a lesson or two in no time and other times it is a struggle to focus on one chapter within a lesson!

Nonetheless, it is coming along well. I am on point with my lessons. I am learning so many new tips. I have learned about story structure, plot templates, character development, viewpoint, tenses and setting so far. All of it has been interesting and helpful.

I also continue to work on my next novel, in addition to the one I have in with my publisher. There is a lot going on at my house! I'm not only an author, but a wife and mom as well. My family keeps me on my toes!

Something I am learning is that following your dreams takes a lot of hard work. A lot of late nights. A lot of support from my husband! It would be a million times harder without his support.

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