Friday, December 11, 2020

Blogmas: Family Christmas traditions, Part 2


Traditions are not just for family...create new traditions with your friends too! Here are 6 more traditions for you to try:

1. Caroling

Pick a few of your favorite songs and visit some neighbors.

2. Christmas movie night

Pick a Christmas movie on Netflix, Hulu or on demand. Pop some popcorn and make hot cocoa.

3. Counting trees

Count each tree you see on top of a car and compare everyone's numbers after Christmas. 

4. Christmas folders

Create Christmas folders with stickers to decorate and fill with recipes, decorating ideas, and all things Christmas.

5. Cookie house

Bake or buy a kit...decorate a cookie house together.

6. Advent calendar

Buy one filled with chocolates or buy a fabric calendar and fill it with goodies yourself. 

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