Tuesday, December 1, 2020

COVID-19 writing


I have a question...have any writers found that they have been more productive through the pandemic? 

I for one, have definitely found myself writing and creating more. I am up earlier in the morning and find myself staying up later at night. Which may or may not require more coffee. I often wonder if coffee sales have skyrocketed through this thing! 

I have published 3 new books and started writing 2 more. 

Picture This, is my new novella, The Ultimate Guide to Cheesecakes, is my new cookbook, and Step Out and Invite Them Anyway, is a guide to hospitality. 

In addition, I have been blogging with a dash of podcasting thrown into the mix.

I would say, I am staying productive with my writing. All this in addition to having a family and 2 home businesses! I offer social media management and copy editing for authors. I have just put together a photography we4bsite as well, where I am selling digital photos for authors to use on their projects. I love doing all I can to help fellow authors!

I have a home bakery as well and have been taking orders, orders, and more orders! 

Just like you, I have a lot on my plate...but, I am thankful for it all!

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