Sunday, February 21, 2021

Our trip to Snowshoe WV, Part 1: The drive


Yesterday, my husband and myself drove to Snowshoe, West Virginia. It's a dual trip of sorts. My husband will snowboard and I will write, write, write! My plan is to finish the novella I am working on and start another one.

Last year when we drove up, we encountered a few interesting situations. You can read about them here: 

Weekend in Snowshoe, West Virginia: The things I did and saw

We remembered when we saw the first Dollar General store, that we drove by so many last time. We decided to count them this trip. We drove by 9 Dollar General stores on the way here! If we drove by 9, imagine how many more there are that we didn't drive by! People in Virginia and West Virginia love their Dollar General's. 

This was us driving behind a hay truck, before it started to snow. 



My expression after counting numerous Dollar General stores and getting stuck behind a truck loaded with hay. 

Tomorrow, I will go outside and explore! That should be fun....stand by for the post!

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