Monday, February 22, 2021

Our trip to Snowshoe, WV part 2: The walk for coffee


Yesterday, I mentioned that today, I would be venturing out into the cold. Well, this morning, that is exactly what I did!

 If you have TicTok...

Watch me walk though the snow...

I bundled up, which you can see in the above photo and ventured out. It has been snowing for hours and has yet to let up. The icy snow was pelting me in the face at one point and made me giggle while recording my video.

I walked over to the Starbucks, that I point out in my recording, and got cup of decaf to warm me up. They have no tables and only allow 8 people in at a time. But, I got my coffee!


More fun news... I completed writing my WIP which was a novella. I will do the final edit when I get back home. Today, I am starting on the outline for another book. 

This trip has been relaxing and productive so far! 

My tall, decaf, caramel macchiato with almond milk. 


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