Tuesday, December 27, 2022

My new blogging platform

Here's to a wonderful 2023 for all of us!

I have found a new home for this blog. You can now find me on WordPress! Here is the link to my new site: 

The Writers Circle – The Place For writers (wordpress.com)

In addition, I have been sharing on YouTube as well. 

Love a good podcast? Visit me at Write It!

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Do movies about authors and writers inspire you?

I do enjoy watching movies about authors, journalists, and writers.
I find myself drawn to them just as much as I am drawn to movies that revolve around baking or bakeries. 

I have a few favorites... Funny Farm, The Christmas Edition, and Julie and Julia, to rattle off a few.

They have all provided me with inspiration, the desire to not give up, and an open mind.
Sometimes the universe has a different plan than we have, and it's important to be open to those plans.

I highly recommend watching all three movies. 
I know they are all available to rent or buy on Amazon prime. 

So, when you need a little encouragement, just hit play. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Would you rather?

My daughter is eight years old. Most mornings in carpool we usually play the game, would you rather...initiated by her, of course. 

If you're not familiar with this game, one person is asked a question along the lines of, "Would you rather be able to make yourself invisible or be able to read people's minds". 

As we sat in carpool patiently awaiting morning drop of, my daughter presented me with this doozy, "Would you rather only be able to bake or write for the rest of your life?"

I paused for a moment before answering. 
Side note... I own a cottage bakery and am a published author and freelance food writer. So, both tasks are extremely important to me.

After a quick pause, I responded with, "Writing!"

As much as I love to bake, I learned that morning that my true love is, you guessed it, writing. 

It took an innocent eight year old to help me realize what is truly important to me in my life.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Do most authors love autumn?

I truly do not know the answer to the question proposed in the title of this post. I hope I haven't bursted your bubble. 

I'm sure a quick Google search or survey on social media would yield results, but my purpose is to brag about how wonderful the season is and the question opens up the door for me to talk about it. (That was a bit sneaky on my part.)

Autumn makes this author happy. I love the weather, changing leaves, wardrobe, pumpkins and everything the season has to share.

I enjoy firing up the oven and baking delicious treats and slipping into a pair of fuzzy socks while sipping on hot drinks. 

Curling up on the coach with a blanket and good book are high on my list of things that I enjoy as well.

But, as an author, nothing beats sitting in bed with my laptop, notebook and pink pen, reading glasses, and a cup of piping hot herbal tea! 
You guessed it, this is my favorite writing spot. 

Over the last year, I have landed a column for Writer's Digest and Pastry Arts magazines. I've been revamping and writing again for all of my blogs. 
You may be wondering...Deanna, how many blogs do you have?

Three. Deanna has three, because she's crazy and keeps adding to her overflowing plate. 

The bottom line is, I love to write! And autumn brings out the cozy writing in me. 

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Are you a multitasker?


Are you a multitasker? Do you like to "kill two birds with one stone" as they say? Here is a big YES from me on both!

When you sit an watch television in the evenings, do you give it your full attention or are you doing other things while you watch?

If I am watching a good movie, I will give it my full attention. If I am not interested, I grab my phone and do things to accelerate my business online. 

Allow me to explain:

1. TikTok

I will grow my TT account while I watch TV by following accounts in my genre. 

2. Create Videos

I have video apps downloaded to my phone. In 15 minutes I can make several videos to use on social media to use later.

3. Creating Memes

I have apps downloaded to my phone that allow me to create memes. I can create several memes in 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Follow My Favorites on Instagram and Twitter

I like to follow my favorite authors on both channels. After you follow them, be sure to go through their account and like several of their posts. 

5. Facebook

It only takes a couple of minutes to post a picture of your book with a quick message and link to purchase on Facebook. 

These are all easy tasks that can get you ahead of the game...and all while you watch television. 

Who loves new books?

Should a writer be a reader?

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Who loves new books?


I love new books! 

Just last week, I went book shopping and came home with four new ones to add to my ever-growing, to- read pile. 


I have a new release scheduled for March 25th! The name is 3 Cabins... check out what it will be about...

3 Cabins

Have you noticed that one "over-the-top" mom at school who you know is a stay-at-home mom but always wears makeup, jewelry, and high heels to drop her children off in carpool?
You know, the one who looks like she would rather be at happy hour but attends every PTA meeting, event, and volunteer activity?

That mom is me, Leaha Singleton. Welcome to my not-so-glamorous life.

I have lived this glamorous lie for quite some time now. That is, until a couple of weeks ago. Saying that my past has finally caught up with me is the truth, but an understatement.

My life has begun to change! And it all started when I ran upon two secret cabins.
The Leaha Singleton roller coaster is on fire, so have a seat and strap yourself in tight. 


Coming soon to Amazon!

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

NEW book release: The Ultimate Guide To Pies

Not only is today the first day of February, it is also release day for my adorable little book, The Ultimate Guide To Pies!

The paperback is 4x6! It is also available for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

Let me tell you a little about the book:

Do you find yourself spending too much money on store-bought pies? Have you tried baking pies to have them turn out overbaked or too runny to consume? The Ultimate Guide To Pies offers you a way out of pie embarrassment and chemical-laden, overpriced pies!

Learn all the easiest tips and tricks to make made-from-scratch pies from the comforts of home. Bake up a fresh pie any time and save money too.

Deanna will share how to bake pies and prepare crusts and fillings to help you create mouth-watering deliciousness. She also includes recipes to get you started.

Pies make fantastic gifts for all occasions. They also make the perfect weekend treat. For just a few dollars, you can put all of her tips and tricks into practice, find your sweet tooth satisfied, and your bank account full.

Your friends and family will adore you even more and may start asking you to bring the pie to all future gatherings.