Monday, March 1, 2021

Our trip to Snowshoe, WV: Part 4, Traveling home


We truly had an amazing trip! The day did arrive when we needed to travel back home. By the time Wednesday rolled around, we were both ready.

I woke up early, as usual, made coffee and began packing things up. We wound up leaving the condo to head to the car around 9:45 am. 

We were plowed in! When the snow plow cleared the parking lot, it created a nice stack of snow and ice behind my Jeep. After several attempts, we realized there was no backing out over the pile...mainly because of the cars illegally parked behind us. The last thing we wanted was to cause an accident.

So, we went inside and asked for a shovel. Thankfully, they had one. 

My saint of a husband shoveled us out. I brought the shovel back to the front desk and retrieved my ID that I had to leave in order to borrow the shovel.

I jumped in the Jeep and we were I thought.

This guy driving a white truck was driving the wrong way through the parking lot and came within an INCH of hitting my Jeep! I had my window down and was SCREAMING at him! I said repeatedly, "You're going to hit me car!" If it wasn't for my husband slowly backing up as this jerk drove by, my Jeep would have been hit.

After many choice words that were NOT kind, at 10: 36 am, we were off. And the trip home was pleasant and rather relaxing. The views were spectacular.

And that, my friends was a 4 part recap of our vacation in Snowshoe, WV. 

Part 1: The drive

Part 2: The walk for coffee 

Part 3: The realization 

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